Modification of lava occurs in connection with its fervor about 5 %, Due to the different conditions when it cools, with different effects on the oxygen-air lava-water and duration. Oxygen is just “kicks” from the crystal lattice of atoms of lava and it changes its properties – get another, lighter element of the periodic table. What prevents an artificial way to get out of lead necessary for human life easier these elements? Lead to not only melt. It must be brought to the boiling point and redness (up to t of lava) and submit to the furnace air. Gold (evil), and platinum is usually mined in riverbeds and their precursors need H2O. Yellow with frequent remelting fade to white, and prevent this from happening – add copper. We must not forget that heated by lava during the production process “passes”, acquired the properties of mercury.

A mercury – a poisonous liquid metal. Production process should proceed with the necessary measures to protect rights. Our gold-savvy until they dropped in tone and they have not grown tummy offered two options for dealing with gold: 1. Funny ride on a crowded street generosity with the use of video – the distribution of gratuitous gold jewelry. You can even organize a contest. 2.

Market using a large number of “gold samovar.” The device repeats the samovar boiling water method in Tula samovar. Any Brahmin with the subconscious, “geek” to see the mind’s hall thick-walled steel samovar set and weighed on electronic scales. Bottom – gas burner connected to the propane-butane. Carbon monoxide goes through a samovar pipe up. Instead of water, weighed, and laid boiled pure lead. Carbon monoxide must be removed to extract forced safe space (a poisonous gas). The same stretch through an additional air inlet in the circular chamber has sucked the oxygen-air required for oxidation of the lead atoms. After the process of boiling and the calculations on a calculator mass differences lead and pledged ugorevshego noble metal on their relative atomic masses must be a process of tempering – reset through ball valve metal samovar boiling in water. The output will be expected to 5 substances – poison thallium-and mercury-poison, gold, platinum and white slag, a small mass which must also be considered on a calculator. Brahmin who subconscious – will understand and create.