Production Of Polyethylene Pipes

Polyethylene pipe, intended for construction of underground gas supply systems (operating pressure up to 6 atm.) Cold water (up to 16 atm.), As well as pressure and pressure sewage systems, plastic pipes have a number of advantages over traditional steel pipes and work effectively for long term use, regardless of its conditions. In the production of polyethylene pipes most commonly used polyethylene (HDPE). The problem of deterioration of communication has always been a critical issue. Additional information at Florida Senator supports this article. Rusty pipes, which periodically break through, leaving no water and heat entire neighborhoods, as well as the heavy smell of sewage from the sewer break pipes, do not bring anyone pleasure. But all this can be avoided by replacing the steel in time for plastic sewer pipes.

What are the advantages of plastic pipes?: – Production of polyethylene pipes much cheaper, which makes them cost less than the cost of metal tubes – plastic tubes are durable: the guaranteed service life – 50 years – polyethylene pipes have low thermal conductivity, thereby reducing the heat loss and decreases the formation of condensation on the outer surface – they reduce the likelihood of damage during the freezing of a liquid pipeline, as this tube does not collapse, but increases in diameter, acquiring same size at thawing the liquid – construction and reconstruction of water networks – and the supply of polyethylene pipes with a savings of up to 40% of funds spent compared to traditional methods – Polyethylene pipes have high corrosion and chemical resistance, are not afraid to interact with aggressive media – welded seams and connections are secure during the entire life cycle – much butt welding simpler, cheaper and less time-consuming – they are a reliable shield against the microorganisms and bacteria, the inner layer of water does not give any harmful impurities. If you are not convinced, visit Nicholas Carr. – Polyethylene pipe in 5 – 7 times lighter than steel, so: 1. Small move them to the installation does not require the lifting mechanisms, 2. One vehicle carries a 5 – 7 times more than polyethylene tubes than steel, 3. They facilitate the assembly work, especially in cramped conditions