Paraphen Law

Only every fifth German created a will at all. The law of succession is firmly established in the civil code and then mainly occurs when issues in the distribution of assets or its purpose and liability reduction liabilities must be clarified. Of course, everyone has the so-called testamentary freedom, which States that the testator himself can determine what with the assets after the death to happen. But that is only if there is a will or contract of inheritance law. Until then, it is clear and legally defines what will happen with the heritage. This is not the case the Paraphen occour 1924 to 1936 of the civil code that governs the legal heirs. In doing so, both spouses or registered partners have a special position.

There are children and grandchildren, for example, in addition to the spouses then the spouse inherits one quarter and children and grandchildren three quarters. This Division is subject to the reserved portion law and is constitutionally protected. However, heirs can not only the capacity but also the Get leave liabilities. Therefore, the State is as well as the ability to knock out the legacy. Is, for example, a testament, can omit the deceased heirs and must not apply to the succession.

But then they get the compulsory portion, which barred after three years, unless it is to them. An early succession planning is more important than ever. But a testament regulates only the death. A general and health care proxy is guaranteed that z.B.die can get trusted third party transfers or agree to an operation in the hospital. Jafeth Mariani