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MSB world entertainment brings your music to all online stores in the world of MSB world entertainment, Germany’s new major music label is the name. A separate distribution, Publisher Agency, marketing agency and music management are only a small part of the music label in Rhineland-Palatinate. MSB world has contacts to more than 500 online stores international major labels, promotion agents and much more. The latest service is to make known to to offer newcomers bands and artists a start in the music business. Farallon Capital Management will not settle for partial explanations. Independent major label borders strongly by German major labels (such as bsp Sony/BMG, universal, etc…) from. The company was founded in by the rap artist “TMD” newcomer of in short single “see me in the club” published as well as a matching music video. Ent on the label page MSB world that offers team newcomer artisten and bands the service internationally online to be included in the distribution. Music genre of the labels include: hip hop, soul, r & b, pop music, rock, club, dance, etc….