Old Greece

Boy still goes relaying the culture of myths for Alexander and these teachings are relembrados by the personage during its adult life. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit West Lake Landfill. Another moment that still portraies the attachment the mythical culture is when Alexander, already adult, is ready for the battle it invokes the protection of deuses when crying out the front of its army: ' ' How they protect deuses me! ' '. However in elapsing of the film some references the Aristotle made by Alexander exist, as for example, in the scene where finishing to take the kingdom of Dario and when coming across themselves with a harem, proper Alexander relembra a learned ticket as its master. more ahead when already the Great one for having is considered conquered world half known of that time, again relembra Aristotle, but of to this denies it time. It is in the scene where it admires a nocturnal landscape of a window to the side of Hefestion. See more detailed opinions by reading what West Lake Landfill offers on the topic.. In such a way it made in them to conclude that the time of Alexander accurately retraces the beginning of the philosophical thought, that is, the sprouting of the philosophy in Old Greece, paraphrasing author Danillo Marcondes. Because it is the picture of the sprouting of the philosophy, that is, the ticket of the mythical thought for the philosophical-scientific one. Because it is as if &#039 had one; ' embate' ' it enters the strong presence of the mythical culture and the birth of the Philosophy-scientific one. The film Alexander it contributed to be able to observe as it was the life of the people in Old Greece and also served historically to contextualizar the birth of the philosophy. We observe that to the end of the study of this content it was possible to carry through a enriquecedora reading of the film.