Office Company

Including checklist for company / customer gifts each year the question arises what gift can be a treat business partners and customers. It looks in the catalogues of the various providers and finds the usual rigmarole of desk such as stainless steel pin quiver or travel alarm clock up to oddities such as a mouth-blown Crystal decanter or the carpet of golf with plastic clubs for the Office. So nothing that fits all. And who has to get the time for each of his one hundred customers an inpiduelles gift? In times of increasing Inpidualisierung, it becomes increasingly difficult the taste or preferences of the to assess to customise. Here the company / customer gifts Checklist: it should be equally suitable for women and men. There should be no any plastic stuff have a high value, so.

It should be aesthetic and timeless. It should be as distinctive (“the bottle by whom was wine again?”) The gift may offend not the intellect of the receiver (a Mario Barth DVD is nothing for a scholar in the rule) it should not necessarily carry logo “Made in China”. There should be no gift, each business partner receives at least 5 other suppliers in a similar form (this includes: wall calendars, desk calendars, USB-sticks,) it should take into account, that not everyone appreciates a Freesat know (people with eating disorders, vegetarians, diabetics, allergy sufferers) it should take into account the increased environmental awareness. It should be used in the workplace. There are not many gift ideas that meet all these criteria. We recommend a Brandbook notebook in inpiduellen design of company with a name engraving or name imprinting your customers. Really beautiful, high quality notebooks, which are completely manufactured in Germany. Of course such a book can also with a beautiful, high-quality pen are equipped, or be integrated into a noble letter set. Can be on the extensive website of brandbook.