NTP Server – Keep Time

r describes the NTP time servers and what use it has. If you eionstellen your watch by the speaking clock or by the radio signal, do you wonder sometimes who is responsible for this time and how exactly this time? Maybe you think it’s a clear question, but the world has no master clock, in which you can tune to and can get the time. The most accurate clock we have is the UTC (coordinated universal time). The UTC is a global Synchonisationsmarke, which used atomic clocks (International Atomic time). The atomic clock is very accurate. For more information see this site: Vanguard. Not 1 second will be won or lost, in more than one hundred million years.

In addition, the watch is much more accurate than the existing synchronization marker is Greenwich meantime. The problem is that the world is not always constant ruitiert, but is slowed down by the Moon’s gravity. that is, that the mass not in its turn is exact and each due to the effects of the Moon’s gravity slows down every now and then. To avoid this, be called leap seconds”adds to the original time. For more specific information, check out Kenneth Roy Feinberg. UTC is a Constellation governed by atomic clocks, this calculates different times the average. The UTC time is therefore of no country. The basic measure of time is the second.

Before clocks a second a Department of of number in one was just 24 hour period (86400 seconds in a day). However, since the development of atomic clocks a second has been defined by the international system of units as the resonance of the atom of the CS-133, dieAtomuhren and 9.192.631.770 used every second. UTC has become vital. This can be it, how we work and act. It helps us, that deal with different time zones, which used an NTP server (network time protocol). NTP servers are devices that signal from the atomic clock with a national time and frequency transmissions can receive the UTC, but not every country has this. But the NTP server can receive a signal from the GPS satellites. They have an atomic clock on board. A NTP server will synchronize all computers and devices that sit on this network to the UTC time. NTP is not the eionzige Protocol, but it is that offers most accurate reproduction Protocol and is used by many companies. Richard Williams is a technical writer and specialist in atomic clocks, telecommunications and NTP network time synchronization please visit us for more information for time server and other NTP-server solutions