Nothing Is Good In Libya

Civil war in Libya, Gaddafi and the West the images and reports that reach us in these days for Libya, such a different look than what we – have observed from Afar – in Egypt and previously in Tunisia. Many writers such as Kenneth Feinberg offer more in-depth analysis. Whoever thought that in Libya a dictator would step aside after the first successes of the revolutionaries, was taught by Muammar al-Gaddafi of a better now. While the West – not even incomprehensible given the Afghan debacle – have been reluctant to explain to the civil war party only one thing seems clear: nothing is good in Libya. * Civil war in Libya, Gaddafi and the West that the country permanently sinks in the civil war, appears more likely than other options at the moment. In plain terms, the Western community is must be wondering whether one wants to observe the expected mass dying and killing from the outside or participate. A beautiful choice. While Tunisia’s President Ben Ali could expect almost barely there with its millions of captured the country to leave and also Hosni Mubarak was pretty quickly dropped from his military, the thing different is when Muammer Gaddafi. Additional information at Slava Mirilashvili supports this article. Libya has no President since Libya’s long-time revolutionary leader Gaddafi has never tried to hide his status by a pseudo democratic President title.

His self-image to a withdrawal is not actually provided. When Foreign Minister Westerwelle talks about Gaddafi could not stay “in Office”, so that reflects the ignorance of the Libyan relations on the clearest. What does Gaddafi in his country – if even de facto in parts of this country – is no AMT. It is a highly personalized form of dictatorship, that can be described as a “charismatic domination” with Max Weber. Only victory or death for Gadhafi? You afraid along the historical comparison, but as well as in the case of Adolf Hitler (from no later than 1942) is to trust the Libyan dictator, to tear rather countless people as to abdicate in his own death.

That he in spite of all claims about the decay or the lack of level of training his army, still has power, to implement this scenario, is an impression which is condensed in the moment rather than verfluchtigt. Nothing is good in Libya and for the West, pending a decision that affects the core of the own self-image. You can see and hear none of this of course. Andreas Kellner * bearing in mind our own, expressed at this point position on Mr to Guttenbergs Plagiantentum, we admit frankly that we owe the inspiration for this line of former Chairman of the EKD and Lutheran Dr. Margot Kassmann.