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To relate the marketing with a process, the input is the behaviour of consumers, which translates into elements of judgment for marketing managers. Click Kenneth Feinberg to learn more. While the output, is the benefit that can be delivered with a product or service. The value is measured by the loyalty of the consumer. The challenge of using the marketing based on a process will consist of mapearlo, encode it and provide all those working in the marketing department a (computer system) based on processes that can use, measure and improve there forget, that in entire process there are components that lead to that process is firm, generate results, for this is necessary to be careful in what you represent those component in the action of market that has been established It must have well defined all the components that comprise the process, not to neglect them, integrate os systemically to ensure effectiveness, that really the process to generate favorable results. To make the process efficient Ana Martinez suggests that: with a correct definition of processes, creativity can be focused towards improving performance and its results can be objectively evaluated. To realize this new vision of marketing, will require foster compartment of information between processes rather than a hierarchy of departments. It will also require a number of additional skills, the creativity of people in moments of inspiration that encourage big sales campaigns or through the development of impressive communication operations. It is necessary to use integrated technology tools to give support to marketing operations and avoid isolated computer systems development and the inconsistency of data affecting the results or imply inefficiency at the level of time and resources.

Definitely in the marketing process in order to obtain favorable outcome of your application, management should consider all stakeholders that affect their behavior, such as consumers, products, competition, as well as all changes, aspects affecting give way to strategies actions that ensure its effectiveness. Professor of marketing. Virtual classroom.