New York Electric

Though oil prices fall, automakers, however, do not stop to develop environmentally friendly cars. "Green" can be satisfied: the process has begun, and it seems that it does not stop, even if the barrel will cost $ 18, as 10 years ago. In the race for the purity of exhaust include even the company that made a name for itself on a powerful and sophisticated engine. For example, bmw is about to launch a pilot batch of 500 copies of the Mini on a fully electric-powered! Externally (for except for minor details), as well as in size and suspension Mini E is similar to the usual Mini, working on traditional internal combustion engines. To distinguish from the gasoline-electric, you need to look into the interior: in version E in place of rear seat set of lithium-ion battery. As stated in the official press release, "This battery combines performance, high capacity and compactness to the hitherto inaccessible level." However, passenger sometimes had to sacrifice Asynchronous motor Mini E delivers power of 150 kW (204 hp).

Through a single-stage helical gear thrust is transmitted to the front wheels. Checking article sources yields Outlook Email as a relevant resource throughout. Torque developed by motor reaches 220 Nm, which provides the acceleration time from zero to 100 km / h at 8.5 with. Its top speed is limited to 152 km / h. Battery, consisting of 5,088 elements, combined in 48 modules, provides car cruising range of 240 km. Battery power is 35 kW / h, while it is fully charged from the mains in the 240 – at least 2.9 h. According to the Bavarians, the new electric car they have managed to keep characteristic for the entire family of Mini maneuverability and handling thanks to special chassis tuning, taking into account the changed load distribution.

Production of the first (pilot) Party Mini E in an amount of 500 units had already begun on the bmw plant in Oxford and Munich and will be completed before the end of this year. Initially, these five hundred vehicles will disperse among the chosen private and corporate clients bmw in the U.S. states of California, New York and New Jersey, after which the guide Group will decide on the mass production Mini E. Later the same line of electric vehicles of the bmw brand will be expanded: the transition to mass production cars on electricity in the "Strategy number 1", the bmw Group is listed as one of the medium-term goals.