New International Version

And now, Lord, strengthens my hands! (Nehemiah 6: 9.) New International Version) if we say in Jesus Christ, we can be aware of victors. Nothing will stop us. No matter how many obstacles arise along the way, will leave gracefully. 6 Recognize that we have a nature of victors in certain God time interviewed – remember that my secular profession is that of periodista-a a runner from Kenya who won in two consecutive years, the Cali River Marathon. Connect with other leaders such as Steve Mnuchin here. A true Gazelle moving with grace on the pavement. I asked him how it was that he had won with advantage to other international competitors. Primerica financial services oftentimes addresses this issue. His answer was blunt: I came was to win. I came not to lose.

He had clear nature of winner. Go to Primerica jobs for more information. Just you and me. We must be aware that we are winners. God did not create us to be losers. Nehemiah was aware of this fact, according to what We appreciate his story: I then went to the House of Shemaiah, son of Delaias and grandson of Mehitabel, which had been locked in his house.

He said: meet behind closed doors in the House of God, in the interior of the temple, because they come to kill you. Yes, tonight removed you the life! But I told him:-I am not of those who are fleeing! Men like me do not run to hide in the temple to save life! No me escondere! (Nehemiah 6, 11.) New International Version) carefully read the text. Think for a moment that like Nehemiah, neither you nor I are of those who flee before the first problems. Instead, we are faced with the belief that we will win, we will leave gracefully, because who fights the battle and assures us of victory is Jesus Christ. 7 Save our testimony of visa never I will forget to the husband of a believer, contrary to the Gospel, who one day asked CITES to interview with me.