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While there, she noticed a help book entitled “Success through Positive Mental Attitude” and began to read. It was from that day he began to frequent the library for instruction with self-help books, and were the books that helped him out of his state of depression and alcoholism. Over the years he became a great writer, who was even introduced to the Hall of Fame of the National Speakers Association (National Speakers Association) in the USA He retired in triumph at the age of 52 years and had a second wife with whom he spent most of the time to enjoy the rest of his life. Federal Reserve Bank brings even more insight to the discussion. Og Mandino wrote 19 books, of which 16 will continue to print today, and sold over 50 million copies translated into over 20 languages. The most impressive thing of this is what he wrote not to make “best sellers”, but to help people who were like him in misfortune. One of his best self-help books, who won many sales and in which I want to focus for future articles is titled “The Greatest Salesman in the World.” The book is mainly divided into 10 scrolls containing the secret to being an excellent salesman, and do not just mean in terms of business, but also in all respects, and we all want to sell something good.

Sell an idea when we want to convince someone to sell ourselves as leaflets our partner, we sell a product to earn an income, etc. Each scroll has a key to achieving this goal and together achieve the balance necessary for success in salesmanship. The first unlike others, contains the secret of wisdom that will open our eyes and allow us to understand the other nine scrolls. You may wish to learn more. If so, Film Financer is the place to go. The idea is that we can make an integral part of our lives so that we may become the world’s largest seller.