My dear general … I feel his success on that comment that what he was saying that "reality has limits, but stupidity is not" if the recipients do not feel alluded to. Your Europe, Europe has increased mainly drafted a lot of guidelines, remember what he said? "There are so many laws that no one is sure not to be hanged." Although now no longer hang and this small difference is what is used to further increase the number of laws, rules y. .. We know! We can only a memory, an island, a general … But this reminds one and includes their appointments and transcribed as a day looking if another too, are giving news like a parliament passes a law liability environmental governed by the principle of "polluter pays" said proud that require more than 5,000 industries, 30,000 companies and 500,000 farms to take environmental responsibility, as well as it would require a guarantee by law financial, ie to have "insurance." What does that mean?.

For that, also … Insurance companies are going to do "field day" with this new law. The curious thing about this law is its scope: water, coastal, soil, protected natural habitats and protected wildlife. They say that is a step towards the protection of natural resources in a country where 25% of its territory (1,100 spaces) are protected by what has been called "Natura 2000". But do not be fooled sir, we're not done yet in terms of laws passed recently, as there other than the number of users affected (27,657,276 units in 2005 and is growing), can not be applied in full, since there is a "Overbooking" in prisons, but not much, remember that there is also by law required to have insurance per unit of vehicle movement. Yes! We are talking about road safety law, where among other things, that which is not discussed and drive, you can put in jail or exceeding the speed limit or going a bit gay, etc.. … You may be put in jail. Like I said, my dear Napoleon, times have changed a bit and now does not crash anyone (good pop, "and burned effigies burning photos and aerate human targets, but that is another issue and does not apply law) but if they go for "one", all you have to do is enforce the law. What? Do not care!, Surely any law or regulation is not complied with the legal maxim of "ignorance is no excuse compliance" because that "there are so many laws that no one is sure not to be hung" although orca has been replaced by super modern prisons, free and comfortable to spend a free holiday.