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“AssCompact trend III / 2010 sales mood on descent, yet good level special topic broker support” Heidenrod, 03.09.2010. After launching encouraging from the perspective of the agent the sales atmosphere located in sales in 2010, currently on a slight descent. Even at the beginning of the year, around 80% of brokers with their sales situation were at least satisfied, this value in the course of the calendar year, about 76% (II/2010 trends) to current has fallen 73.2%. Thus the atmosphere lost 2.8 percentage points on the previous quarter, all-in-all a good and fairly high level but still swings a. This is the current result of AssCompact trend, the brokers Survey Quarterly carried the SMARTcompagnie GmbH on behalf of bbg Betriebsberatungs GmbH in Bayreuth. After the AssCompact launched trends as a survey in 2006, the sales atmosphere, could this time to the total 17 time are treated prospects and special topics and queried. Befragungssonderteil agent service “with the support of the broker deals the industry always on the New.

“The study AssCompact trends III / 2010 delivers in its special part broker support” to interesting results from the perspective of the agent. Also, the broker service is rated by the intermediary in the school grading system to the points expertise, sales support, setting / motivation and understanding the own brokerage firms. For example, the answers to the question of how often they remarkable services of an agency supervisor on average per year?”so is claimed the broker service representative about eight times a year by the intermediary. More than 1/4 of respondents brokers attacks here even more intensively and more (19 times more often) back to the services. Around 42%, however, require only one to six times per year by the agent supervisor. A small part of 5.7% never takes the service broker support. Thus, the agent supervisor in particular for technical questions about the product is consulted or interviewed on the risk policy of the provider.