Motivate Customers

By means of the following psychological desires we have as people, you can get inside and motivate potential customers to purchase your product. It is no good just reading this article and put it into practice … Scans every wish and modify your sales letter or your ads and watch your sales increase over the internet. 1 – Element of Surprise: Most people like surprises nicely. For example: He says you’ve got a surprise bonus if you order the product today .. Always keep a good bonus to give it as a surprise. 2 – Makes things: Most people who enter your site without buying retire.

Make it easy steps for subscription, purchase, payment and you will have better sales of your products. Explain to a synthetic each step to be performed for each process. 3 – With safety and security: We like to feel safe and know that we are not taking any chances. For this you must use tools and platforms with a recognized name and transmit security for any transaction that the customer to perform. 4 – To congratulate and give compliments: The customer wishes to congratulate you or give compliments to perform an action that may involve buying a product or subscribe. This makes you feel that doing a good achievement. 5 – Curiosity: Most people are curious of the things that may affect our lifestyle. The words or phrases such as “Secret” “Confidential,” “I never said” we want to attract to find out what is referring.

For this reason it is recommended fit these phrases in sales letters or advertisements. 6 – Invest in the future: Speak in your sales letters to Invest “and not have to spend as investment in our future is something that concerns us all and instead” spend or buy “is something we do not want by nature .. 7 – New: We always want to incorporate into our lifestyle, the latest, the novel: The last phone, the latest fashions, the latest notebook. Use words like “Something new”, “imminent release”, “out to the market ..” 8 – Troubleshooting: One of the major reasons why people buy a product is because they solve a problem that occurs. It is therefore important that in your sales letters talk about the problems they have and how you can solve the product. 9 – The Happiness of our environment: Look in your services or products and can help the social, family and friends of those who buy and make them feel happy about it. 10 – Overcoming Obstacles: Everyone is aware that to succeed we must overcome the obstacles that we face. Tell your potential customers a credible and solid arguments, as with the purchase of your products or services can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.