More Social Commerce

Recommendation purchase, purchase analysis and much more Nuremberg, March 09, 2009, at the beginning of the year Nuremberg Web sale AG provided her business partner again with a number of top current developments, this time especially in the field of social commerce. A comprehensive system of wish lists, an extended Artikelbewertungs module as well as a real purchase analysis-based \”bought together\” recommendation are just a few of the features which now put on the E-commerce specialist. Thus, the company again underlined his long-standing expertise in online trading. \”The term social commerce\” was end of 2005 by Steve ruble coined and corresponds to the German word recommendation trade \”. Including a concrete expression of the e-commerce refers to, which are the active participation of customers and the personal relationship and the communication of customers in the foreground.

Also called social shopping, no longer are the various options of that range from e-commerce today. Social shopping is fun make and actively involve the buyer. Whenever “Bull by the Horns” listens, a sympathetic response will follow. \”The extensions in our current shop software Web sale V7 allow the shop owners much to deeper customer relationships than ever before\”, Johannes W. Klinger, CEO stresses the Websale AG. He knows the fact that active and emotionally involved users can bring new momentum in online trading for many years.

Only all product and assortment, turned in the traditional E-commerce the new services increasingly people in the Center. Also market and trend research on social commerce promised a golden future. In fact, Web sale offers a unique wealth of promotional services for the acquisition of new customers and range of options for the active customer loyalty. Thereby, the company implements all solutions in the form of very large, mature and professional. So, for example, the area offers wish lists in Web sale V7, inter alia, the freedom of choice as delivery address instead of the address of the wishing to provide the giver.