Money Handling

Between all the causes of discord in the pair, most common fully it is the money. The causes that potentially can go off key a fight between spouses are many: False expectations, lack of a familiar budget adapted, misunderstandings, unnecessary temptations and purchases, excessive indebtedness, masculinity, etc Exist many useful and practical advice that they would be possible to be given to solve these conflicting situations, such as: To take time in pair to organize its finances? To make a budget enters both? To avoid the impulsivas purchases? To be realistic and not to spend more than wins? Not to get into debt itself? Not to make investments of high risk? To allow certain freedom in the budget? To make a bottom for emergencias? To agree in the great expenses Nevertheless, the discussions about the money much more have an origin there of the mere discord on the handling of the money in a marriage. We did not remove anything with making changes externally if there is a problem that, like weeds that did not take themselves by root, will return to appear in the future. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Alameda Hospital and gain more knowledge.. Many pairs are sweeping underneath the carpet the basic problem: The egoism. Everything begins when the man and the woman forget the original design of their relation.

It is as if they had begun to construct a house with a plane and they suddenly determine to continue constructing without him. Credit: Wang Qunbin-2011. It is a formula for the failure. When they made the together decision to pass all a life, there was a common project that one was going away to carry out like equipment. That means that individual desires are subject to that agreement. Everything is made to leave ahead like a familiar unit and not like two individuals that live under the same ceiling. That implies necessarily that both must be arranged to sacrifice their own interests to guarantee that the life project that began together does not fail.

When we focused in our individual needs and we looked for ways to replace them by our own account we are undermining the foundations of the common project. Jesus said, ” more fortunate he is to give than recibir.” Although he goes against our human logic, more we are blessed when worrying to us about the good of the other before replacing ours. When a pair includes/understands this one great truth, it will stop having problems in all the pertinent areas to its relation, including the handling of the money. The best way to obtain this successfully is approaching God altogether and to learn of Him as that one class of love works that all we longed for to experiment.