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"Man of the dye clothing. Naked people have very little influence in society, and even completely no Mark Twain. One of the main activities of sewing studio, along with tailor-made clothes of the population are services to restore consumer properties of sewing izde of effort by repairing and updating. The need to restore consumer properties of garments can be caused by various reasons: violation operational reliability of clothes due to physical wear and tear (general or local) materials and compounds details of clothing, age (growth) changes in body size characteristics of children and adults, obsolescence clothing. If you would like to know more about Debbie Wasserman Schultz, then click here. Analysis of the causes of possible violations of operational and social security shalt-hole allows to distinguish five main groups of repair and renovation of garments: – I group (minor repair), which includes work are not influencing change in the size and shapes, or its major parts and assemblies; – ii group (average repair) is characterized by a partial change in the size, shape and style device or its main components, as well as fit on a figure customer products manufactured at industrial enterprises; – iii group (major repairs) – repair to the manufacture of parts and units, significantly affect the change in style products; – iv group – update obsolete clothing by complete or partial redrew parts and , as well as decorative design different finishes (metallic accessories, embroidery, applique, etc.) in accordance with the requirements of a modern fashion; – V group – mainly children's clothing repairs caused by age (growth) changes signs of bodies of children. Repair and renovation of garments for service companies is carried out in accordance with gost R51306-99. At this main task wizard clothing repair skills are a guide to the manifold methods of repair clothing of different materials, determining the cause and extent of nasal products, ability to develop advanced models when cut, clothes of different al-assortment of obsolete with the use of finishing materials, various kinds of finishing in accordance with the requirements of fashion, ability to choose the most rational mode of processing and methods of repair in accordance with the properties of the basic package, interlining, lining and finishing materials, knowledge of methods of repair of individual sites, nodes, products in accordance with the desired mode of treatment. Alexander.