Minimal Energy Use Costeffectively Test

Compact solutions for testing the batteries with superior energy efficiency energy storage battery cells, modules and packs must be comprehensive pre-market characterized and verified. Scienlab offers compact solutions for testing the batteries with superior energy efficiency, compact construction and high operating ergonomics. Further details can be found at Pacific Mortgage Services, an internet resource. At the international trade fair in battery + storage by Sept. Learn more about this with Farallon Capital Management. 30 to 02.10.2013 in Stuttgart, the new technologies presented the audience. The new test systems for energy storage, developed by Scienlab, work energy-efficient. You are with a high efficiency reverse capable. The efficiency of these systems could be increased by a factor of 20. Roger Uhlenbrock, Managing Director at Scienlab, explains the savings: when our customers use the Scienlab laboratory for one year continuously, the energy costs for a typical application with 100 channels are something more than 1,500 euros.

Energy costs, the systems of other providers, however, the There are well over 50,000 euros.” Scienlab developed every test on the energy savings, exactly according to customer needs. So, flexible solutions of individual single-user solutions arise up to turnkey laboratories. This is possible because the entire hardware and software at Scienlab developed in-house and is optimized. This ensures that all functions are ideally matched and guarantee a high level of convenience to the users”, so Roger Uhlenbrock. In addition to the comfortable contacting of the batteries include the effective laboratory control and monitoring. For this purpose, Scienlab II developed the software EnergyStorageDiscover.

In addition to the intuitive operation, including data can be directly evaluated and integrated into the further test procedure. During run time, key figures in the system itself are calculated and used as a criterion in the other test procedure. This enables a high level of automation and thus a significant time savings. Possible areas of application of Scienlab Energy storage test systems can be found in research and development, quality assurance and production. The audience at the fair battery + storage, as well as on receives more information to the energy storage test environments.