Metal is galvanized sheet steel, coated with a thin layer of polymer. On special equipment in the factory sheets are in the process of profiling. The basis of metal-on steel which is applied a layer of phosphate and then primed. On the reverse side for metal applied lacquer, the front-polymer, which protects the roof from uv rays and corrosion. The polymer coating can be different, we representatives who are not of them: polyester, Puranas, plastzol, pvdf. Polyester thin coating of 25 microns, so the price is lower than other roofing material.

The basis of this cover is polyester paint, and it provides color stability, the coating reliable and able to withstand the harshest elements of nature. Puranas or Nova (Nova) is manufactured using polyurethane, the thickness of the coating of 50 microns, it is less prone to mechanical damage (less scratched when loading and installation of the roof). Plastisol is a coating thickness of 200 microns, the foundation of its polyvinyl chloride has been little scratched, but for countries where most of the year the sun beats down mercilessly, it is not suitable for direct sunlight highlights the acrid smell. pvdf coating thickness of 27 microns. In this coating is 80% of polyvinyl fluoride and 20% acrylic surface of this coating .Dlya metal coated pvdf scratch is not an obstacle, but because of resistance to ultraviolet rays on the metal roof of the house is not the choice of metal vytsvetaet.Pri trust well-known brands that are positively characterized the hundreds of thousands people