Matt Damon Is Second Child

The current sexiest man alive is with his wife be second child baby boom in Hollywood. So, one could best describe the current situation in Hollywood. Recently you could report the pregnancy of Lisa Marie Presley, and now you can also announce a new pregnancy. The lucky ones are Matt Damon and his wife Luciana. Learn more at: Carlos Hank Gonzalez. Jennifer Allen, the agent of the family Damon told magazine today only the PEOPLE the joyful news.

“You could not be happier. You are so excited. “The current” sexiest man alive 2007 “and his wife were film award on Sunday evening on the Empire, and there the bombshell. The family now expects her third child: their daughter Isabella was born in June 2006 and Luciana has a 9 year old daughter from a previous marriage. Matt Damon with wife Barroso of the actor is the time in the filming of the new CIA-Thiller Green zone in Morocco. Good luck and we look forward to the new film with Matt Damon.