Major Errors

Overtraining I remember the first time I felt on my own skin, what is overtraining. I was then six months of training, and drove it into her head that derelict. Decided Prestressing, double, so to say, the effort. I confess, very much like to train 'Victory is sweet. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nicholas Carr offers on the topic.. " First of all, I got hold of the book Lee Haney (made me very interested in training the chest muscles) and 'stupid' followed in his scheme – well, just like a bull on the fence! Press Lying on a flat bench, Incline, then breeding, crossovers on the blocks.

All in multisetah twice a week – strictly! As a result, not only gained new weight, but lost his 'capacity' (which I somehow had). But worst of all – 'Podrasteryal' force. Still some time, gritting his teeth, he continued to train for the old scheme – yet to me not undestanding what I'm doing something wrong. Finally, I realized that I – not Haynie, something that suits him, yet is beyond me. Had to 'cut' the number of sets and exercises, and only returned to training on track. Every bodybuilder should be strictly digest: the growth of 'mass' – the body's response to stress power loads. That occurs in the depths of the body under stress? Changes in enokrinnoy and neuromuscular systems. Remember, if you learn to listen to these changes and, most importantly, respond correctly, the success you do not shine. Ask any 'rolling' with the experience of what he hears? To raise levels of testosterone and cortisol in the blood, "he said.