Lubeck Companies

It includes more than 50 million individual information, featuring a transparent image of the German economy. Who know nothing, have to believe everything. (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach) Lubeck, may 2013. The German economy lives and changed daily: start-ups and bankruptcies, CEO-change domicile determine and complicate the work of marketers. To keep track, appears as a mammoth task. But only those who know the market in depth, can dominate him. Responsible good economic information and background knowledge need for targeted acquisition and privacy compliant marketing successful sales.

The experts by databyte feed therefore daily changes in their online application and keep fresh and up to date the over 50 million references. Users identify as opportunities which remain hidden to others, and obtain a competitive advantage in attracting new customers. Apart from the purely postal information on name, street and city interest chance whistleblowers more especially when company profiles information on sales, number of employees and fleet investments. This helps to filter out contacts from an extensive inventory of data target as accurately as possible. A provider of office furniture such benefits from a commercial shipping on all currently established companies in the region, which have a commercial orientation. Here, for example the RADIUS search supports to uncover new customer potential quite specifically on its own doorstep. Coupled with Google maps the pure address list evolved into a Visual map, where you can discover companies with interest in the own products with a mouse click. In addition, the online system includes almost five million company profiles, the companies of all industries offer new sales opportunities with verified facts. The new databyte business makes selectable engine 300,000 monthly changes in the German economy and transparent, only professional providers can afford the research hassle associated databyte cares as a service provider also to existing customer master data, this enriches and refines it. Look outside the box with the engine by databyte increase business companies the success of their marketing campaigns by customer base and potential analyses and obtain an individual collection of addresses with maximum probability of purchase.