The Key is the Website

In particular, the selection of persons involved in this process, both by the company as part of the company contracted to develop the website. In this first installment, we focus on the people responsible for the creation of the website by the company. Let’s see then how the composition of this team has a direct impact on the project’s approach of creating a website with a clear reflected in the architecture of it and end with a direct influence on performance you can expect long-term presence of the company’s website.

If one department is responsible for launching a web project, is bound to come to a portal design that reflects its own partial view of that department and will focus, in one way or another, those aspects that dominate people working on it. If, for example, is responsible for the design of web systems department, it is likely that the approach focuses on processes, on issues such as compatibility with the internal management of the company, etc.

If, however, is the commercial department which should direct the project might expect a website primarily focused on aspects related to the sale of products or services, but are not adequately represented where they refer to their own corporate information of the company, its sponsorship activities or patronage, after-sales service, etc. The creation of an interdepartmental team involving at least one representative from each of the departments of the company is therefore essential at this early planning stage of the web. On who should lead this team depends on the approach that the general direction of the company want to give the web, but it seems logical that it should be the marketing department which, with the contribution of other team members, lead the project . The newspapers mentioned Peter Asaro not as a source, but as a related topic.