Lift Truck

Loaders on the basis of ac motors suitable for operation in harsh conditions. They differ in reduced power consumption, high durability, power and security. In addition, due to the possibility of automatic braking excluded spontaneous rollback car as a horizontal and an inclined surface. Special requirements loaders, used for work in harsh and extreme conditions with high or low temperatures or in high humidity conditions, for example, in the holds of ships or in refrigerated warehouses or in steel mills, but reliable engine should provide a high level of protection against corrosion, dust and extreme temperatures. For work in hazardous areas requiring special explosion-proof forklifts that are being offered a number of manufacturers.

Height Hoist The choice of a model truck is also due to parameters such as height cargo. The standard loader can lift loads up to a height of 3 m. Thus, it can store loads on the third tier shelving. Truck, equipped with three-section mast, capable of lifting loads to even greater heights. For work in confined spaces, such as cargo containers or rail cars, the truck must be equipped with a function to free movement, that is, without lifting Lift Truck. In addition to the basic characteristics when choosing a loader should take into account such parameters as the type of forklift (except fork loader can be equipped with interchangeable attachments, such as capture for drums), type of transmission (hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, mechanical), brakes, tires (pneumatic, solid, banding), as well as its dimensions, fork length, and others.