Freddie RIC is executing a producer of The Peop / es Network. In the past he was a naval gunner in the Armed Forces, currently Freddie – One of the leaders of the company, the owner of one of the biggest annual revenues. On My first meeting with the company, sitting on the back row, it seemed to me that the room was not more skeptical person than I am. But soon I began to realize that promise me the opportunities offered. And I thought that if able to achieve this guy standing on the stage, then I cmory. Some of the statements made in the same day that really impressed me … Craig Menear shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. He said then that if you keep doing what do you and will receive no more than getting now.

He said again: 'Every person has the right to choose. But once the choice is made, it begins to control the man himself. " It matters little at what the life segment You are and if you got the appointment to a new post some time ago. At that point I just realized that for me it's time for change. So, in ponedenik morning I went to the pawnshop, and laid his 9mm pisgolet (one of which each uvazhayushy a sniper considers it his duty to have in your arsenal), a special device for cleaning carpets and 14-karat gold ring, which a few years ago I gave my otei. 3a all this I was able to gain $ 325, with this amount and I started my business.