TO be leader (2) second installment of the famous and controversial book written by John Heider (first published 27-01-08) El TAO DE LOS leaders Tao not is a thing. Cava with as much as you want, NAPE will reach a thing called Tao or God. Tao is not a thing. Tao is a principle or law. Tao means as. All things are conducted in accordance with Tao, but Tao is not conducted. Tao is never an object or a process. Tao is the law of all things and vibratory events.

Vibrations consist of polarities u opposites. The polarities can collaborate with each other, or they may be in conflict of different degrees. All things and events, are in collaboration or conflicting, harmonious or turbulent, they take their form and come to be resolved according to Tao. But Tao is not a vibratory event. Tao is not, for example a sound. Tao has no opposites or polarities.

Tao is one; Tao is unit. To my understanding nothing comes before Tao. Nobody did at Tao. Nobody created Tao. Equality of treatment. Natural law is the impartial justice is blind; The consequences of own behaviour are inescapable. Human being is no excuse.The leader Sage is not intended to protect the same if people. The conscious light shines equal about how nice that on the unpleasant. People are no better than the rest of creation. The same basic principle of human beings is it equally to all. Nor is a person or a people better than the rest of humanity. The same principle is everywhere. A person is worth as much as another. Why play favorites? Everything demonstrates the law. The fact that God is not a thing does not mean that it is nothing. Need a bit of humility. Knowing it, the leader does not intend to be special.