LDB Formation

For in such a way, this formation requires great academic investments. If it will demand an education that allows to the professor the nexuses with the field and the context of production of the knowledge in the history of the society. A formation that takes the practical social field of the educative one and to teach as object of analysis, of understanding, of critical, that it develops in the professor the attitude to search, as form to learn. The formation for the exercise of superior education can be understood as a field where it has very for if making in terms of practical research and. For the docncia in this degree of education one meets disciplines it of Methodology in Superior Ensino, at the moments of the after-graduation with average horria load of 60 hours. In this it disciplines, one meets references and orientaes it university professor to act in classroom. In our reality, for the docncia of superior education it does not have a requirement of basic knowledge for the teaching.

The question of the formation for superior education will become more with the headings of mestrados, doutorados and specialists, being these each time gifts in the universities, mainly in the private ones. The condiz act of contract of specialists with what Brando (2007) comments established in what says the LDB (1996) in article 52 in interpolated proposition II, that one tero of the professors colleges student with mestrado and doutorado academic titulao of come to add the quality of the picture of professors, but, he leaves clearly that the specialists also are part of this context. As we can evidence the professor generally assumes the professionalization of the superior courses for which, they had graduated themselves. Course for university professor does not exist and yes, graduated licenciaturas and bacharelados that exerts functions in its specific areas. The analysis to put this angle allowed in them to identify that many of the professors we riqussimos in its scientific works if they distanciam in its its practical pedagogical, a time that is not about a previous requirement of the IES.