Last Rubicon

Of course, this is no reason for sarcasm, but today’s focus on the extent of their own welfare and quality of current consumption is shocking. People actually suffer from complexes consumption, raising it to the rank of a sacred tradition. For a parking space at the shopping center parking lot on the weekend can just kill, and traffic jams on the approaches to major shopping and entertainment complexes are stretched for miles. Few are willing to sacrifice this life style, so for more than 80% of representatives middle income groups (marketing research “lifestyle of the middle class) Fall 2008 announced on fear of losing the current consumer capacity.

Nobody wants to eat less and modest dress. Poverty – the main lever devastating crisis. Even in a country where the poor are families with incomes of $ 1000 for two people, poverty perceived as a famine or cholera, because in Russia today “live modestly” actually means “do not live at all.” And it’s not that below the “$ 1000 for two” someone supposedly waiting for death by starvation – of course, far from it. The problem is destroying the core of human personality after falling incomes in the context of depressive move down the social ladder. Need to leave favorite fitness club is often perceived as a retreat for Last Rubicon, after which only the abyss and darkness. Specifically, the demoralizing effect of the crisis much worse than a temporary lack of money. We now estimate how the fear of poverty affects the above-mentioned social gruppy.Bednye As mentioned above, Russia has approximately 54% of families with monthly income less than $ 500 per person.