Las Vegas

Vienna has become in our classification number 4, above all thanks to his famous Waltz! With its beautiful cafes, alleys, parking and Vienna restaurants, is one of the favorite target of all lovers. Chocolate fragrance and horse-drawn carriages on the streets, music in the air and unique atmosphere of the capital city of Austria makes this city so special for a romantic trip. Double room in one of the hotels in Vienna can be booked from 44 per room. Romance in Istanbul, some wonder, and yet this city number 5 in our list has become! Istanbul with its Oriental certainly where everything is mysterious and seductive, promises long nights and relaxing days. Narrow streets of Istanbul, Oriental spices and hot drinks, a hidden look or a clumsy movement – Istanbul is perfect for a romantic trip! 10 per person in a double room, Istanbul is not only romantic, but also cheap. For many Las Vegas is pure, romantic alone due to his reputation as the wedding city.

Las Vegas is one of the most enchanting and fascinating places in the world, a sparkling jewel in the desert. It is the charm of this city, the thousands of pairs attracts, to get married in Las Vegas and is the perfect place for vacation and honeymoon. Private rooms in hotels of Las Vegas from 23 per person! The most romantic city in Russia’s ever – Saint Petersburg – behind scenes of which are thousands of stories of Russian tsars verstackt. This city is not in vain ‘ “Venice of the North ‘” called. Small canals and waterways of Neva, romantic white nights and mysterious Russian soul draws thousands to St.

Petersburg of lovers. One of the favorite haunts of all lovers Potseluev bridge (bridge of kisses) is when one kisses on this bridge, says the legend, will remain together forever! Private rooms in hotels of St. Petersburg from 20 P.p.. Prague is a magical place for romantics and lovers as created and is number 8 in our list! In the evening, under the light of gas lanterns invite narrow streets to beautiful walks, time seems to have stood still. Many couples also decide, in the romantic environment of the Czech Republic Castles and fortresses to marry. Here you can stay in an already cheap hotels from 10 P.p.. Lisbon: City of broken hearts and breathtaking passion. Lisbon gets more and more popularity when in love, and owes this reputation of above all the traditional fado music, whose Klange float in the air. With its historic palaces, colorful houses, the shimmering River and warm light, the town on the Tagus shows romantic as hardly an other metropolis. Since a brief visit to the Valentine’s day lends itself, and with a cheap hotel rooms from.15 P.p. already available. Hamburg is, of course, the most romantic city in Germany: the romance begins in this metropolis of the North to the atmospheric port of Hamburg, where the pulse of wanderlust are mixed with the noise of the river Elbe. And yet overlook the landing bridges over to the docks of the shipyards and downstream towards the North Sea is still always a peaceful and sublime beauty that fills one heart with longing. It does not lack love and Romance in Hamburg, with the rooms in the hotels of Hamburg from 20 P.p. Details can be found by clicking Bitcoin or emailing the administrator. wishes you much fun when travelling!