Khamenei Era

Analysis of the real balance of power. In the Iran and the world are circulating again rumors about the death of the Supreme of religious leader in the Iran from today’s perspective it is not important, whether Khamenei is alive or dead. The death or the life of a politician is only relevant if he keeps still the threads about the decision-making in his hands and his word among the citizens is something. A management person who has no decision-making power, is powerless. Thus the question no longer matters after the death of the Supreme Leader in the Iran for us living. Ayatollah Montazeri has recently noted that Khomeini had no more power in his last two years of life, and the decisions were made by others in his name. If it was even necessary to sign an official document by Khomeini, his son did it in his place.

In fact the former Deputy Interior Minister Pour Mohammadi with a command to execute 700 people on the way to Ayatollah Montazeri to consent became to 1988 at the time of the first Gulf war unthinking and claimed easy Ayatollah Khomeini had already approved the command. Montazeri at the time insisted that it documented its objections to these commands. Similar is told by the Chinese Party Chairman Mao from his last four years, which was kept alive in similar circumstances, as well as by Yugoslavia’s Marshal Tito, whose uberleben should protect the country from civil war and ethnic conflicts. Many actors on the Status Quo of the current constellation of forces are interested in the present-day Iran. Hashemi Rafsanjani demanded that all behind Khamenei should be that his dismissal would trigger chaos and disunity in the country.

Also Hassan Rohani has warned the breaking point of the country. Rafsanjani has gone but still further. He spread, that he have strengthened their backs Khamenei: Khamenei to can protect the ship only one sink, which is why it is important, that are all behind Khamenei.