Jetset Highlight In Liguria

Portofino-the most famous fishing village in the world flock every summer hordes of tourists in a small fishing village in Liguria. On the Italian Riviera, about 36 km east of Genoa can visit travelers of one of the most beautiful corner of Liguria and the most photographed place in Italy. The travel portal explains why Portofino Liguria visitor magnet. The name of Portofino comes from the Latin and means port of the dolphins”. Meanwhile, there are often more celebs and their yachts, which lie in the small harbour of the village of anchor and attract visitors from all over the world on the Ligurian coast.

In the small fishing village has more to offer than prominent inhabitants. For even more details, read what Outlook Email says on the issue. For a glimpse of the picturesque location and the romantic facade of the former fishing village it is worth when traveling ( range/flat rate) in Tuscany, on the Italian Riviera or the Cote d’Azur to plan a detour to the most famous fishing village in the world. Fishermen can no longer be considered but Portofino for years. Instead of fishing boats are the impressive yachts of the Jet set anchor in the picturesque harbour today. Residents operate chic boutiques on the main street of the village or living from tourism.

Yet the appearance is maintained, the facades of the picturesque buildings are nurtured and invite culture and architecture to romantic walks. Portofino is an ideal stopover for tourists who are looking for an interesting day trip. Stay is however hardly anyone, in Portofino for the celebrity of the place acts not only as a magnet for visitors, it pushes the prices up. More information: magazine /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH