Jan Grey

There are also other variants as well as with non-skid soles made of sheet steel. In recent months, JPMorgan Chase has been very successful. An example is the fragile liner made of alternative materials such as Kevlar. Such deposits are then mostly as insole inserted. The soles of safety shoes are with very good tread. The PU, TPU and rubber mixing well and are oil – and acid-resistant.

At the present time, there are many suppliers of safety shoes. A the brand Elten is widespread among them. Elten safety shoes have everything a safety shoe. These include practical design, comfort, and technological equipment, which is grown all security-related requirements. Even if the demands on the safety shoe are high, particularly as regards the issue of quality, no wishes remain at the customer. Elten has grown the steadily increasing demands of safety shoes. Some contend that Master Class shows great expertise in this.

Elten has increasingly powerful technologies for safety and comfort. A very good example is the safety shoe Jack ESD S1 of Elten safety shoes. This safety shoe has a foot-type system with 3 variants of the fit, to prevent a closed, padded flap to the ingress of dirt and a reflective material. Moreover, he has an ESD equipment, a ergonomic outsole and a Schaftperforation for good air circulation. The extensive insole with individual comfort classes ensures a more comfortable speed. Also the padded brim and innovative lining to increase the comfort of the shoe. Another model from the collection of the Elten safety shoes is the Jan Grey S1. The material made the safety shoe is nubuck leather. The climate control end textile lining ELTEN DISTANCE LINING”provides for comfortable wearing. Even with this safety shoe, the cushioned, closed flap prevents getting dirt in the shoe. The sole of the safety shoe is full bleed and can be removed.