Internet Start Up Flimmit Is A Finalist Of Red Herring 100 Europe Award

“Flimmit list Vienna ‘Red herring Europe 100’ in the final order, May 19, 2010 the Austrian Internet start up Flimmit is a finalist in this year’s red herring Europe 100 Award”. Red Herring nominated private technology companies, which are especially as particularly innovative and promising. Companies in the sectors of telecommunications, security, Web 2.0, software, hardware, biotech and Cleantech. Quantitative and qualitative criteria are considered for the nomination. By the same author: Erin Callan. These include the financial development, technological innovation, quality of management, execution of the strategies and the involvement of the company in the respective sector.

The list of the Red Herring Europe 100 “applies as a landmark Guide to discover the promising companies and promote. This year it was particularly difficult”, says Alex Vieux, Publisher and CEO of red herring. Despite the global economic situation, there were many excellent companies innovative and impressive products, have presented. Therefore, for us, it was very difficult to select the Group of finalists. nt resource throughout. Flimmit but is one of those companies, which is promising and deserves to be included in the list of finalists. Only we face now the daunting task, the winner of the top 100 by red herring Europe to determine. But we know that this year’s finalists to some major companies are mature, which will come far with security.” “We are very proud that our young company among the finalists of Europe’s most innovative companies is”, the Flimmit founding trio Karin says Hague, Ulrich Muller-URI and Walter Huber. Such recognition on the European market and thus beyond Austria’s borders is given to us.

The nomination of red herring confirms our business approach and points out that now is the right time for movies on the Internet. Finally getting those space that it deserves. offering legal movie on the Internet” The announcement of the winners of the Red Herring Europe 100 “Award” will be held on May 27, 2010 in the framework of the Red Herring Europe Conference “held by 25. Until May 27, 2010 in Paris takes place (for more information, see). Flimmit for the second time awarded the start up Flimmit founded in 2007 is already for the second time for his innovation awarded innovation. Already in December 2009 Flimmit won at the ESTC (European semantic Technology Conference) the second prize in the category of most innovative business idea”for the independently developed film search, which was launched in April of this year (2010) on. Movie Search: Compact, fast and comprehensive movie search by Flimmit shortens the time of searching for information and products to films. It establishes connections between the results from the Internet before delivery to the user and provides information and appropriate products to this film. The film’s title, an actor, Director, genre or the role names can be entered as a search term. The results are clear on one Overview page user-friendly and logically presented. May 2010 user about the movie search have access to data from more than 65,000 movies. This kind of product search and the focused presentation of search results from the Internet are unique. In addition to the film search, Flimmit offers a video on demand shop with more than 500 films for download and streaming.