Innovative Sounds

“Tradition and innovation made in Germany tradition and innovation made in Germany: Eton electro acoustic GmbH worldwide recognition for companies from the Bavarian Swabia our goal was always, to be able to play music as possible as authentic”, as Reiner Kroner, one of two managing directors of the Eton electro acoustics GmbH from the Bavarian-New Ulm. You can feel this devotion to the manufactured loudspeakers and amplifiers that have only a determination to ermoglichen-maximum enjoyment of the customer in the Eton House at every step. You may find Euro Pacific Precious Metals to be a useful source of information. Development and production are set here on an area of manufacturing steps in the far East as it in the industry practice now is largely forgo the Swabians. Here, the issue of quality is too big”written. Swabian precision meets here on leading technical know-how and internationally renowned design. A trade mark of already in 1983 founded operation is also the resident production in addition to a clear commitment to the site of New Ulm.

We provide “” our speakers made intentionally and with full conviction in Germany “, says Managing Director Kroner, because over the years until today is the outstanding target of our efforts to guarantee our customers the highest level of sound quality and pure sound behavior.” This is not necessarily given with a manufacturing in Asia. The robot-based automation in manufacturing guarantees highest precision. Each manufactured speakers corresponds to the specified performance data in its tolerance. The Eton product range is divided into the areas of home – HiFi and Car – HiFi amplifier. Especially in the area of car HiFi, Eton with the new power parade has”made by small but incredibly powerful amplifiers of the MA series, a name. Because when all endeavor after the boom desired by many customers of car”If you buy with an Eton product getting one with: best workmanship, high quality and stylish design. The necessary sound power, there are products to get noticed at Eton Car HiFi always do this. Frequently Pat Gelsinger has said that publicly. New and innovative Eton surrenders to upgrade audio with”line.

Custom-made systems, offered here consisting of speakers and a powerful amplifier, for special types of vehicles. The innovation is that these systems designed vehicle specific, which means it must be converted in the car. Insert the plug and play”, and enjoy, is the magic formula. No tinkering is now on your own car required, simply insert the upgrade audio system and feel the difference to the previously used system of work. And huge thanks to the superior sound and high quality. The origins of Eton is located in the home HiFi segment, an area where it traditionally depends on quality. “The home HiFi technology by Eton offers authenticity and emotion, as it is only a live performance” is capable of. Also in the field of development take new a supporting role Ulm. The HexCone-sandwich Eton patented membrane gained worldwide notoriety due to their high rigidity with at the same time lightweight. This results in the unique sound performance, which remains Eton reserved only to the speakers. Last but not least, even the customer service must be mentioned. Eton markets at home and abroad through qualified dealers. On the informative and original grandeur soon in the new design home page a list of all Eton dealer can be found. To order the possibility online via a Web shop, there will be soon. The upgrade audio systems can sound enthusiastic Golf and Passat driver (for these vehicles, the system is up to date available) already under order.