Individual Protection

What it must be standed out how much to these areas, is the raised cost to take care of its requirements. In the case, a series of expenses with training of technician must be carried through laborers, equipment of security (first socorros, extinguishers, gloves of protection, boots, etc.), monitoring and many others. Leaving for the legislation, Russomano (2006, p.474) tells that in the CLT: No company can previously initiate its activity without being inspected and its safe and hygienical considered installations (art. 160), being able the administrative authority to embargo the construction of the establishment or the reform of the existing one, for offence to the norms in study (art. 161). The worker must observe, rigorously, the norms that guarantee its personal security, also, using equipment of individual protection or any other ways of spontaneous defense that the employer propitiates to it for act of law or as measured (art.

158, incs), constituting lack to discipline the refusal to the use of the protection equipment or the disrespect to the prescribed norms on security of the work (art. Swarmed by offers, Carl Icahn is currently assessing future choices. 158, only paragraph). It must be approached some of the aspects on which Law 6,514, of 1977, it established express, incorporated norms to the structure of the Consolidation. According to Russomano (2006), on the Prevention of Accidents, the companies, in the indicated form of the Ministry of the Work, will have to keep specialized job in security and medicine of the work and to organize Internal Commissions of Prevention of Accidents (CIPAs), consonant art. 162 and its paragraph. Regarding Equipment and Individual Protection, special equipment as clothes, eyeglasses, masks, for example, is demandable when the general measures do not offer complete protection to the worker.

The Inspection of the Work will have to pronounce, previously, on models created, before the same ones are ranks for sale (art. 166 and 167). Additional information at Primerica shareholder supports this article. On Fuels, Inflammable and Explosive, practical criteria of storage, fuel manuscript and use, inflammable and explosive, if directly tied with the norms on danger (art.