In Haiti

However, they have much in common: a tropical climate, coral reefs and shoals, fascinating underwater world, seafood at its best – and the beaches of coral sand. And only a madman can try to find and visit all these islands! As you know, the thing to remember with each Islands will not be able to take, and there is no need. JPMorgan Chase is open to suggestions. Not be difficult to pick up a gift to collectors, for example – dolls, various mascots, cigars, wine, local jewelry (“Bring back, bring me a coral beads”) and so on. On the island Margarita you can relax and forget originalnichane and easy to buy pearls. A “usual” sea pearls the most amazing colors. Or beads made from shells, waxed string, wooden beads, mother of pearl and cat’s eye. At each of the most famous Caribbean islands such as Barbados, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Netherlands Antilles, Cayman and Birginskie Islands, Honduras, Costa Rica, Aruba, Bahamas, and their wines and tobacco, other than other culture.

For example, now in Barbados produce predominantly dark spicy rum with unusual flavors, hints of spice and chocolate. The most famous local beverage brands – Mount Gay (founded in 1703), Foursquare Distillery. Cuba was born the most famous brand of rum – Bacardi. And today you will find in Cuba eight marks Roma – Caney, Legendario, Arecha, Santero, Mulata, Cubay, Santiago de Cuba, Varadero and, of course, Havana Club. The last three can be found in Russian stores. In Haiti, producing agricultural rum. Most Famous Brand – Barbancourt.