How To – Where – Now Also For Traveling

Premiere: Free call offers – the Internet offer with many of know – where is etc. available now also on mobile devices, mobile phones, PDAs. Now a mobile application available is users of how to, the innovative business directory with more than 400,000 entries from over 50 cities and regions. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out BlackRock. So all addresses are retrievable analog anywhere convenient for Internet use via mobile phone. All functions of the Internet application can be used by the users. A particularly attractive new feature is the free call “-function.” Here users can call free of charge directly the found through the mobile application provider using this function.

This works also for calls from mobile to mobile. Prerequisite: the exquisite company offers this service. A device recognition allows the identification of over 4,000 different mobile devices. Depending on the device class Web pages for the presentation are tailored to specifically images, text and navigation are adapted exactly to the respective device. Testing is available at the following Web address: mobile a simulator available. Authorized signatory Dr.

Michael Platzkoster in the publishing group Beleke/Schmidt-Romhild explains: We assume that users will use this service dramatically. Under the full range of services of the database opens up the user, and the free call service, for example, is a real plus in terms of customer friendliness and service. Knew he facilitates contact and promotes service and trade in particular, mass.”- where – database total includes the database 700,000 offer answers industry operated, services and professions with about 230,000 different products and services, of which 30,000 brand terms. The update can be done daily. For further information please consult with: Verlagsgruppe Beleke / Schmidt-Romhild Dept. PR Heike Bruggehofe Kronprinz str. 13, 45128 Essen Tel: 02 01/81 30-120 fax: 02 01/81 30-130