How To Cook Baked Chicken With Potatoes And Mushrooms

When it comes to cooking, many women, often the following question arises: what can a cook, so it was tasty, and that all can be happy.? Baked chicken with potatoes and mushrooms is that you nuzhno.Eto dish perfectly suited for any occasion: as for the festive table, and for the dignity obychnogo.Ono will look at the center of your stola.Sochetanie chicken, mushrooms and potatoes to enjoy the gentle taste, and bring an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones. To cook it you need not so much time it will take 50-60 minutes, depending on whether you have the oven. r knowledge. Now we need the ingredients, which needed for the preparation of this dish: 500g chicken breasts (fillets), 0.4 kg of potatoes, 1 onions, 100g.shampinonov, a small piece of sausage cheese, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, olive oil. All products must be thoroughly rinse with cold vodoy.Narezat potatoes round shape, a bow and must take spiritual shampinony.Zatem sheet, sprinkle it with olive oil, arrange the chicken breasts on it, so that they lay on the entire sheet, sprinkle with salt and pepper to vkusu.Na lover, you can add seasoning hmelisuneli.Sleduyuschy layer cover potatoes at him to put onions, and then expand shampinony.Vse is well lubricated with mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated sausage syrom.Vse contents sheet put in the oven and bake 50 min.Po request, the content can cover food with foil, in order to better zapekalos.Posle then, takes a leaf out of the oven, you need to give the dish a little time for cooling. So, chicken with potatoes and mushrooms is ready! It is well sochetaetya with ovoschamii and greens. Enjoy your meal! Enjoy!.