Home Woodworking Machines

What is a domestic wood-processing machine? This is a small machine for home or small production where you can perform a number of common operations on processing of wood. These machines are in demand from private masters joiners and just among people who are in need of automation of operations for woodworking in his dacha in the construction of homes. Currently, domestic machines produce a number, both domestic and foreign manufacturers. (Source: Nicholas Carr). Models of household machines are similar in their parameters and technical characteristics, such as the power to install the engine, which is limited to State Standards and is equal to 2.2 kW. Almost all machines submitted for market are universal.

The basic operations performed on domestic machines it – sawing, milling, thicknessing. As machines are equipped with additional equipment to enhance the performance of the machine – drilling, grooving, the sample is tongue and groove. Due to this customer can save money by choosing the machine in the configuration, it needs to perform some work.. .