There were many vases filled with tulips, many warblers, nightingales and canaries, and it was supported by a special illumination. This act seemed, of course, truly a miracle. And guests of the festival was amazing to pick up the colors in clothes that they echoed, and in harmony with the tulips. When the Dutch first started experimenting with the planting and cultivation of tulips in Turkey is hot already gone down in history and occupied a special place in people's hearts. In the second half of the 16th century, information about these amazing colors achieved Europe and tulip bulbs were sent to Prague in the Royal Gardens. Since tulips and settled in Europe. Only some time later, tulips, finally appeared in the Netherlands. One would expect that the tulips were very popular and fans got into the habit of flowers to steal them from the Royal Gardens.

After that, those who are legitimately engaged in cultivation of tulips, led to the decision to ban trade in tulips in the Royal gardens. But it is not King gardens, so there are people who grow up and deal with the tulips, because these flowers – the embodiment of history and they look great! Holland and is now the largest producer of tulips in the world. Big profit – 2 billion are due to trade bulbs. Trade is conducted with bulbs from 125 countries. The catalogs Dutch flower firms are as much as 800 botanical species tulips. Aboveground part of a tulip growing and develops over a short period in spring. Its height of the stem ranging from 10 to 80 cm, the leaves are large and few.

Flowers come in the form of glasses, cups, lilies, petals are often the edges, resembling fringe. There is class where the flowers themselves – terry. Tulips are the most diverse colors, from white to dark red, almost black, but blue tones. From Holland in the early 17th century, tulips were brought to Russia. And for several centuries, we can watch these beautiful delicate flowers, and do not even suspect in some turbulent passions and human tragedies going on their breeding and cultivation! If you wish to order a bouquet of tulips, it can be done easily and simply due to the Service Delivery Flowers Flowers to Petersburg. Order a bouquet in St. Petersburg is very convenient!