The happiness is one for-itself, therefore it is caught under its apprehended perspective and through your directions. We leave for the third point, what it moves the happiness? Leaving of the estimated one of the first point, we can deduce that if the happiness is one for-itself, what it will be apprehended as excellent to its desire of satisfaction-happy, will have as function to move its happiness. What it moves the happiness is the search for same it, devir. The search for proper itself would not be not-searchs, since it estimates to have if joined? The fact is that the happiness also is voluble, what it becomes its constant search as something for the renewal desire. What she takes in them to another point, the happiness is not full, therefore it needs to be rescued.

Its objective is to be found so that if it loses again, creating a cycle of losses and profits, where the individual happyest, is that one that more earns. That they do not understand the ranks with a financial connotation, either even so also applicable. The happy individual constantly is what it feels to be earning frequent, either attention of one another being, either the love of the desired person, either the company of the familiar ones, at last, that is carrying through its desire-of-happiness. We break for the room and last point of this exposition, the demonstration of the happiness. The conclusion that I arrive concerning the happiness, established in the three following points and a subjective and mere by the way, very modest exposition, is that the happiness is a demonstration of its success in a relation of being able. Therefore as I displayed above, the happiness is subjetivada and is moved with intention of accomplishment of its acts, more still, it is the satisfaction for getting success in relation the apprehension of what she desires and the externao of for-itself through the directions that reveal the joy for the conquest. Thus the happiness is the demonstration of its victory in relation to the conquest desire, the concretion of its act to apprehend revealed in ' ' bem-estar' ' momentary under a perspective of a future, that is, a new conquest.