For Gratitude If Dies Today one esteem friend of the university postou me curious message: An image of the world supporting the pain of our beliefs, that, as the cold steel of any razor, opened it esteems throughout its crust. So soon I perceived, I firmly made use myself to think the message of that one efgie formidable; The reason for which that one Sir me had postado a message bringing, as intriguing content, that stranger image. in order better to think, I looked ampler reflection. I did not think the content; I did not become to see the religion as the cause of the wounds of the world. It is clearly that alone of religion man does not become. Also the science of the promising days is part of this, that, in the measure where it discovers the world drowned in proper blood, still seems to want that good eternity of that if it dreams in the dawn alone of each day.

E NASA, at last, asks for aid: To the confines of our system, it goes there plus an object of the human delirium. Mission? Desvelar not yet the visa. It is little. It lacks to inform, for as much trifling details, of where that humanity in sounding lead form appeared. Somebody thought to be friendly the ones that with it to be come across? Perhaps there case another one where science progressed again through the dullness.

Yes. That the humanity cannot wait. the man has life haste. Knowing and the certainty of the so remote truth that the insanely improper action if saw, in the urgency, covered of some form of prudence always walks s. In the speech of the sacred faith, it has more logical aberrations that ilibadas divine and perpetual wonders. According to Nietzsche, the invention of the other made of this, sin.