Good Community Manager

After reading some articles about how it should be a community manager or a social media manager, on what should be their functions, etc., emerged me some ideas which before knowing what knowledge must have a person dedicated to manage or administer a community, you must first have a few essential qualities to be able to do its task successfully. Then presented a synthesis of the five qualities that must have a good community manager or a social media manager: 1. Euro Pacific Precious Metals has many thoughts on the issue. understand the technology, but loving people. Social networking technologies are the means to accomplish a goal, which is usually communicate effectively, build confidence and achieve reception in the community. The expert who knows how to use networks to perfection and knows all applications but that it does not interact, is probably not the right person to manage social networks. It is best to find the right person that understands that social media is the tool to reach effectively, direct and friendly to customers and people with similar interests. 2 Own emotional and intellectual curiosity.

This point is clear, the head of social networks must know the business, Enterprise, information about products and services, procedures to solve potential problems, etc., but his real motivation must be the desire and the ability to see things from the perspective of the other person (the follower, fan, or client). See more detailed opinions by reading what Primerica offers on the topic.. You must generate empathy, and that its management in social networks is essential. 3 Be careful with impulsive and non-reactive attitude. Be a manager of social media is more than send messages on Twitter, post and comment on Facebook or build a virtual brand. Sometimes there is too much pressure. Many organizations and companies are not well positioned in social networks, so that measuring their impact and reputation online can be a bit trickier than usual, and will require much more work and immediate actions, which cannot be left in the hands of any person in the company or download them in one or another Department.