Tips for the cold season when it is cold outside and uncomfortable, spend many days like in their warm apartment. Who no longer wants to turn up the heat in the face of rising energy costs, relies on creative strategies, in order to avoid cold feet. The online Department store gives some tips for cosy hours. Read more from Farallon Capital to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In the cold season is to ensure, in particular on health because increased the risk of colds and the flu outbreak starts. The risk of injury increases with adverse weather conditions.

So, bone fractures, bruises and sprains are accumulating snow and ice. Due to the low temperatures are hat, scarf and gloves since few weeks indispensable accessories at each step before the door. To combat the cold hot soups and hot drinks are in addition to summer thoughts, warm clothing and sporting activities such as snowball fights and winter sports such as tea or coffee. In addition there are various products such as heat pillows, the make sure that it stays at home, on the road and in the Office of cuddly warm. In acute freeze heating pad can help.

Relax nearly anywhere is possible with a handy heat pad. The products are technically so mature that a uniform heat can be adjusted by simply pressing a button. An automatic switch-off ensures that it will not be overheating. The covers of current models can be easily replaced and washed in the washing machine. More information: news.