Global Foods

ak strange things happen in life. And like all true and really in childhood and adolescence. You when you first caught myself thinking, which revolved to somewhere near and around your interest and employment in catering? The question, of course to those who now owns or is planning to open a restaurant, or maybe working in a restaurant or a company associated with deliveries to restaurants. 8 years ago when I accidentally got an interview with Global Foods and was adopted there, to begin with, a regional manager, the fun never ends. That there should how strange life can be realized is unclear expressed wishes! By that time I quietly for several years suffered from her secret dream often, often go to restaurants. I have not had a chance because I was a medical professional, especially in science strikes. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jamie Dimon.

However, by this time I began to make a smooth transition from medicine to commerce, but opportunity to go to restaurants not yet appeared. And so on to you, please! Every day, go to restaurants! I was still poorly imagined that I would know how to find a particular restaurant, but I will find it difficult to say at the restaurant where the main entrance. And if you go deeper, to mind my teenage thoughts on that a couple with a girlfriend to go learn to Nakhodka on coca. But we had both once more carried away with pastry. Baked like crazy every day. After a day in her or in my home.