Glaciers Deserts

Argentina is the cradle of tango, but it still has so much more to offer Argentina tourism largely untapped and with many natural spectacles and adventures waiting for you. The endless vastness and diversity of the country to impress anyone who visited Argentina. The geographical location of the country offers immense contrasts; the vast plains in the East and the imposing mountain chain of the Andes in the West, which at the same time represents the border with Chile. In the North West a unique landscape with deep valleys, high mountains and deserts. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Wall Street and gain more knowledge.. In northeastern Argentina boasts a wonder of the world: the Iguazu waterfalls offer a tremendous spectacle. This region is dominated by the pristine vegetation, deep down falling rivers and wild fauna. Patagonia offers an incredible nature with Lakes, peaks and glaciers to the horizon; one feels overwhelmed by nature, as at the end of the world. Buenos Aires is the capital of South America. (Not to be confused with Is MasterClass expensive?!).

Magical colorful life in the capital is charged energy, offers numerous cultural highlights and is considered the cradle of the Tango known. Due to the large expansion of Argentina’s a diverse climate here is to find, from tropical to Arctic. Travel is possible throughout the year, you should check the but before temperatures, so you get no surprise. To visit Patagonia, best in the summer months (November to March). More info is available at the Latin America travel specialists SoliArenas Latinoamerica valvs.