Gifts From The Lion City

"In banana-lemon Singapore " Do not prevaricate – it is better to honestly admit that at the mention of this island Asian city-state in memory instantly pops quoted a line from a song Vertinsky. It sounds very romantic, but reality does not match exactly. Does not grow on this wonder-island or bananas or lemons. Although not due to the fact that the climate is not suitable – it is just very good. Just rationally minded locals prefer not to engage in farming (as distinct from their neighbors Malaysians), and business, tourism and banking. Probably because of that Singapore thrives and enjoys a high popular among the true fans and lovers of shopping, which, if so go out, it does not bring one suitcase of purchases and gifts, souvenirs for all my friends and acquaintances. After all, at every step and beckon to him the shops, boutiques, shops and shopping streets of Orchard Road (this Mecca for every ), as well as Chinese and Indian quarters of this wonderful place – the crossroads of maritime routes, the bridge between the West and East.

As elsewhere in the East, is adopted here to bargain shopping – the process has long been virtually equated art and elevated to the rank of a national custom, saving at any retail outlet, including quite "European" shopping centers. Just as in the West, Singapore has a tremendous season discounts on all: high-quality electronics and designer clothes, as well as all sorts of exotic souvenir. Therefore, those who rides for shopping and gifts, try to come here is in June and July.