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A matching glass lid is available as an accessory. Cast iron guarantee Le Creuset Grill end for authentic BBQ flavor when frying and characteristic Grill stripes on the Bratgut. Cast iron Grill Pans and plates provide the authentic Grill look when frying. Juicy and tender, with characteristic Grill stripes on each side, so you want to, a steak should be. Stylish frying steaks, chicken or Turkey filets succeeds perfectly in the cast iron Grill pans. The grill grooves effectively hold back the fat so that the frying can keep his own taste of pure. The Le Creuset Grill Pan has an ergonomic handle, which can be used both under the grill in the oven.

Le Creuset cast iron is an ideal heat storage and distribution. If cast iron’s once hot, the heat will remain very long. Therefore, no high heat levels are needed for cooking and frying. Use always medium or low temperatures when cooking with our cast iron products. Le Creuset provides a warranty for the error-free processing and perfect material quality of the product since 1999 for its life time, but no later than for a period of 30 years. Contact: Darmstadt chef proprietor

cast iron * iron pans since 1987 for almost 25 years chef Darmstadt the shop for high-quality knives and iron pans by Le Creuset cast iron. The concentration is the quality. The wide range of pots and pans in different materials from cast iron to copper pans, Alugusspfannen, fancy tins, leaving far and wide the largest selection of Chef knives from all over the world, such as, for example, hand-made Japanese kitchen knives, beat the heart of home cooks.

Valuable knives from Laguiole/France, each part of a communication, or windmill blades the Solingen are knife Manufactory Herder, which manufactures meters for old craft tradition, truly mass-produced. But the highlights are blades made of Damascus Steel, the 1,000 euro and cost more. Cast-iron pots of the company Le Creuset, Chef leads the complete range from which include a focus on except for the blades. In the run-up to Christmas like the huge selection of fancy cookies from engravers and baking pans.