Garage Doors

Ideas for how to construct a garage at the cottage. All those who built, building or planning to build a cottage for myself, of course, do not forget about his friend’s iron-car! He also needs to be near nearby from home. There are several options for building the garage: Build in a house built Attached and detached. Each option has its pluses and minuses. One of the key moments of the construction of all the above options in the harsh Siberian climate Krasnoyarsk Territory is certainly heating garage or creating energy-efficient environment for maintaining the required temperature. If a garage built, so it is necessary it also included in the wiring of heating system, since it is part of the house. If built adjoined, as a rule, as it is desirable to hold back heat. In these two variants of the heating does not require more resources and cash injections.

Only in one embodiment, the holding of heating would be very costly. On the other hand, this option of building the safest to stay in the cottage. In this regard, and there question how all such construction? The answer is very simple: How do you like best! The main thing to remember in addition to the main structures of the room to put energ oeffetivnye gate. It will help us to sectional doors of sandwich panels. The gates of the domestic manufacturer on its effectiveness are two masonry brick. At the moment the market is the gate of the Belarusian production, domestic and Chinese, there are German, but very rare. Here we will focus on the gates of domestic production for several reasons.

First, remove from the list of Chinese, by virtue of the fact that they have not been certified and the reviews are not more than a year. German by a low prevalence. It remains to make a choice between Belarusian and Russian. In favor of selecting the last spoken by several factors: first, it is patriotism, and secondly – what the production is here made and certified for Russia, all the necessary configuration is always in stock throughout Russia, the manufacturer warranty, the quality is comparable to European producers. Color selection gate is also very important, your door can be brown, blue, green, etc. Just have a collection of gates with coloring wood.